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Investor, entrepreneur and innovator

James Sanders began his working life in the City many years ago. Today, he’s an innovator, investor and disruptor. He’s also managing director of London Diamonds, a bespoke jewellery designer and retailer that is taking a different approach…

James Sanders is Managing Director of London Diamonds

Research shows that the global wedding ring industry (including engagement rings and wedding rings) is projected to be worth $107 billion by the end of 2027.

James Sanders launched London Diamonds to capture part of this market. London Diamonds specialises in bespoke diamond engagement rings and it’s shopfront is Instagram.

The Instagram approach

The London Diamonds team comprises expert designers and diamond buyers. Losing the extraneous marketing fluff associated with the traditional jewellery industry has allowed the company to offer high quality jewellery at a fair price.

James Sanders explains: “When I started the business, I wanted to think about a jewellery company for the future. So much of the traditional jewellery sector relies on misleading marketing with the implication that diamonds are rare and will be a good investment – neither is true. Customers are paying a huge price for the fancy showroom and branding, not to mention the ‘free’ sparkling wine they are offered.

“We’ve taken a totally different approach to that of the past. We don’t rely on advertising and grow our customer base organically mainly via Instagram and word of mouth.”

Making London Diamonds a success story

Since launch, London Diamonds has grown its client base steadily and organically, creating a hugely successful business without the need for a physical shopfront.

James Sanders agreed: “We started out by making the business immediately Instagram-worthy. The team successfully created a platform that connects with customers through the aesthetics and quality of our rings. This allows us to lead the way when it comes to design, keeping on top of the important trends and giving clients real choice and freedom. If a client can imagine it, we can make it.”

James Sanders London-based businesses and philanthropic work

Before moving into the diamond jewellery space with London Diamonds, James Sanders has explored a number of different sectors throughout his career.

An avid and enthusiastic investor in all kinds of innovative projects and businesses, James Sanders has invested in AI, cryptocurrency, technology, gold, property and, of course, diamonds.

James says: “I believe that we live in truly interesting times and that there are more opportunities available than ever before – for those willing to take them. I look for exciting, disrupting projects and businesses to support around the world.”

From derivatives broker to artist

He went straight from education to learn the basics of trading, leading to success in the City at a relatively young age.

Over the next few years, his business expanded to become one of the largest independent brokers in the country. James Sanders branched out from the City in 2009, moving into entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation and exciting investment opportunities.

James Sanders also began to take on a different role – that of a successful artist. Outside of his working life, James Sanders gives free reign to his creativity and artistry.

With a style that has attracted attention from various London art galleries, James Sanders says: “My work is generally hyper-realistic and energetic. I’m really pleased that there is a growing demand for my pieces – it’s an aspect of my life that I intend to continue working on.”

James is married with two teenage children and two small dogs.

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