I never regretted buying diamonds, they are a good investment

– Warren Buffett

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We supply the world’s most beautiful diamonds at the lowest price, suitable for investment or bespoke jewellery

The investment case for diamonds should be compelling, especially in 2018. As debt climbs, stock markets and house prices trade at close to record levels. In theory, a physical, portable, hard wearing and beautiful asset, should be part of any investors portfolio, but the margins have been so high, diamond investment or even the creation of bespoke diamond jewellery has been impossible to do on the correct terms.

Until now.

We source diamonds from the same suppliers used by the world’s most famous jewellery brands. Our workshop team have worked for the biggest jewellery brands, the same ones we now undercut.

We only supply GIA certificated diamonds, as the GIA is the most accurate and trusted grading lab. All our diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free. By sourcing stones directly from the diamond manufacturers that polish and certify the stones, we can offer you the highest quality diamonds at close to wholesale prices.

Put us to the test and compare our pricing on diamonds being offered by other retailers.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and none of our staff receive commission, so they work hard to find you the best deal.

We offer fully insured worldwide delivery on every order. If you wish to create a wearable investment, we have partnered with one of London’s oldest and most respected workshops to turn your stones into beautiful pieces of jewellery without the traditional mark up on price.

Alternatively, if you are buying diamonds purely for investment, you can securely vault store them, saving you a further 20%. VAT is due should you wish to bring your stones out of storage, but you are welcome to inspect them whilst they are stored.

Upgrading your diamonds is easy with our unique buy-back service, paying you 100% of the original purchase price.

If you have any questions, please call our team on +44 (0) 207 993 4020,  email or LIVE chat with one of our team.


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Our focus is very simple, we aim to find you the best diamond for your money.

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About Us

We are London based and our staff either hold the Diploma in Gemmology, or are studying for it. We source diamonds for investment or bespoke jewellery, which can be handmade by our workshop. We believe we are changing the way the world buys diamonds.

Why Diamonds

Most people overpay when buying diamonds, but buy on the correct terms and enjoy an asset with consistent historical price growth, low volatility, portability and beauty.

VAT Free

We offer the opportunity to buy diamonds without paying VAT. Your stones will be fully insured and secure whilst stored in an accredited vault in Antwerp. VAT will only become payable if you later request delivery to the UK.

Why Now?

Stock markets and housing markets trade at close to record levels. We believe that certain diamonds offer huge potential for growth over the coming years compared with many traditional investments.

Why Us?

Whether buying for investment or bespoke jewellery, our staff are professionally trained and not paid on commission. We deliver a friendly and knowledgeable service that makes us unique.

Price Promise

Our diamonds are sourced from the manufacturers that polished them. This enables us to remove both the dealer and jewellery shop from the usual journey a diamond travels before reaching you. Our prices are the lowest in the world.

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We offer either free, fully insured home delivery on all our orders. All parcels are discreetly packaged and delivered to your door. Alternatively, investors can purchase diamonds tax free and have them securely vault stored. VAT or local taxes may be due if you decide to take delivery of your stones from storage, but you may inspect your diamonds at any time. Ask us about our bespoke jewellery option if you prefer to wear your investment.