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The diamond business needed changing.

When one of our founders wanted to upgrade his wife’s engagement ring, the world famous boutique he purchased it from was unwilling to buy it back from him for fear of revealing their margins. He realised the value of a diamond ring came from the quality of the diamond, not the store or brand that sold it.

London Diamonds is different to other diamond businesses and jewellers. We focus on sourcing the best diamond for your budget, regardless of whether you are spending £1,500 or £1m. Everything our workshop creates is handmade in our London worshop, without compromise. Our workshop team have worked for the biggest jewellery brands, the same ones we now undercut, check out our work here.

All our diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free. By sourcing stones directly from the diamond manufacturers that polish and certify the stones, we can offer you the highest quality diamonds at close to wholesale prices.

When the time comes to upgrade your diamonds, our unique buy back guarantee means you will receive 100% of the original purchase price as a credit towards the new diamond.

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A Beautiful Investment

Once the cost of luxurious showrooms, slick sales staff, advertising and ‘free’ champagne has been accounted for, the price paid is far higher than the actual value of the diamonds used.

We do things a little differently. We don’t have a showroom and we don’t have stock that we need to sell on to customers. Our job is to find you the best deal and build exactly what you want.

Diamonds should be a smart investment, especially in 2018. As debt climbs, stock markets and house prices trade at close to record levels, so in theory, a physical, portable, hard wearing and beautiful asset, should make a sensible investment, but the margins have been so high, buying and creating diamond jewellery on the correct terms has been very difficult.

Until now.

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About Us

We are London based and our staff either hold the Diploma in Gemmology, or are studying for it. We source diamonds for either investment or bespoke jewellery, which is handmade by our established London workshop. No middlemen and no brand name mark up.

Price Promise

Our diamonds are sourced directly from the same suppliers and manufacturers that supply the world’s major luxury brands. We have removed both the dealer and jewellery shop from the usual journey a diamond travels before reaching you. Our prices are the lowest in the world.

Why Diamonds

Most people overpay when buying diamonds. However, when bought on the correct terms, one can enjoy a beautiful asset with consistent historical price growth, low volatility and portability.

Why Us?

Whether buying for investment or creating bespoke jewellery, our staff are professionally trained and not paid on commission. We focus on getting you the best deal.

Why Now?

Stock markets and housing markets trade at close to record levels. We believe that certain diamonds offer potential for growth over the coming years compared with many traditional investments.

VAT Free

We offer the opportunity to buy and store diamonds. Your stones will be fully insured whilst stored in an accredited vault in Antwerp. VAT will become payable if you later request delivery to the UK.

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We offer fully insured worldwide home delivery on all orders. All parcels are discreetly, but beautifully, packaged and we use the finest handmade walnut jewellery boxes for all orders. Investors may purchase loose diamonds and choose to have them securely vault stored.