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Buying the Brand

‘Free’ champagne isn’t free, and the luxury showroom and heavy-set doormen are being paid for by you. Their ‘luxury’ marketing campaigns featuring sultry models are paid for by you. The value of a ring is based on the quality of the diamonds used and the workmanship. If you buy from a showroom, you are over paying, it’s that simple.



Everyone compromises, even those spending millions, so accept that you will need to prioritise size, colour or clarity. There will always be a slightly bigger and cleaner diamond available. Studying certificates is a sure-fire way to drive yourself slowly mad. Comparing differing specs will result in you feeling confused and annoyed. we hand select every diamond based on its actual appearance, rather than its grading.


Colour & Clarity

The GIA and IGI are the most reliable grading labs, so when they grade a diamond as F colour and VVS2 clarity, you can be pretty sure it’s accurate. Other labs are looser in their gradings and that is why diamonds graded by them are often less expensive. The importance of clarity will depend on the cut of the diamond as some shapes hide inclusions better than others.


The Cut

The GIA and IGI only grade round diamonds for their cut. So, if you are ever told that a pear, oval or any other shape is graded as having a cut grade, it is only the opinion of the seller and they should tell you this. They rarely do. Some shapes, like ovals, are frequently cut badly and this is why we reject over 95% of the diamonds we inspect.


Milky Diamonds

Most retailers don’t like discussing this topic, some deny they even exist, but they do. As many as 10-20% of all diamonds can appear grey and slightly cloudy, lacking the sharpness of other diamonds. These stones are sold all around world and stores are able to get away with it as the grading labs don’t specify if a diamond is milky. A diamond can have clouds and be totally beautiful, but some are too cloudy and although it takes an experienced eye to spot, once you know, you know.

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