Why Choose Us?

1. We tell the truth about diamonds

The marketing of diamonds has been misleading people for decades. We were the first jeweller to highlight that diamonds must not be considered an investment and to spend only what you feel comfortable with.

2. Total choice

We have nothing we need to sell to you as we make each piece of jewellery to order. This means a pressure-free and transparent experience for you. We can use both mined and lab grown diamonds (very few clients choose mined diamonds now but we will use whatever you prefer).

Any design is possible and this means you can have the ring you really want rather than what happens to be in stock.

3. Our Lifetime Warranty

Every ring, regardless of cost, is covered by our LD Warranty. This means all servicing, resizing and maintenance is totally covered.


Repairs to your ring setting are also covered and include the replacement of tiny diamonds on the band. The only time we charge for repairs is if a ring has been so badly damaged, it’s beyond repair (usually when flattened by a car or foot 🙂 Even then, we will make your new setting at cost.

4. A fast, responsive and polite service

We know how annoying it is to wait for responses, especially when it’s a significant purchase. You can reach a real person (we don’t have chat bots or ‘automated assistants’) via ‘phone, e-mail, WhatsApp (this will be quickest) or Instagram for this reason.

We will be just as helpful after your purchase as before.

5. The Diamonds

The engagement ring marketplace is a crowded one and there is a huge choice. We can’t guarantee that our diamonds will sparkle more than others but we believe we are one of the only retailers that still hand selects and inspects every diamond for every ring.

Each ring we make, regardless of cost, is effectively a walking advert for our business and rather than use the cheapest diamond possible, we’ll always try and use the best.

6. The best of both worlds

Most jewellery shops are empty in 2024 but we wanted to offer the convenience and reassurance of a physical presence so we’ve always offered the option to collect your ring in person from our London offices. If it’s a bespoke ring, you are very welcome to pay the final 50% when you collect also.

Around 20% of clients choose to do this and we encourage it as we love seeing your faces when you open the box and see your ring for the first time!

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Are diamonds a good investment?


No. Only the best yellow, blue and pink diamonds are truly rare and have investment potential.

Do you have a showroom with rings to try on?


We don’t and we never will. We make each ring to order and often suggest clients try lots of rings on in shops to decide what style they like before asking us to make theirs.

How long does it take to make my ring?


For some of our ready made rings, we need 1-2 weeks. However, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for our bespoke, made to order rings, some rings will be quicker, some might take a bit longer.

How do you know that you make around 1% of the UK’s engagement rings?


We know that 300,000 couples get married each year so we worked it out from that.

Can I collect my ring from you once it’s completed?


You certainly can, our offices are in Farringdon. We also offer secure worldwide delivery with full insurance if delivery is more convenient.

What price do your bespoke rings start from?


Our bespoke rings start from £3,000 but we make some ready made rings that cost less than this. Click here to see some.

What are your boxes like?


Our boxes are handmade in wood with a hidden surprise when opened 🙂

What is the process to order a ring from you?


If you are considering a bespoke engagement ring, please click here for a quote.

Many of our ready made rings can be purchased here.

You can also get in touch here.

Why don’t you have the price of your rings on Insta?


Nearly all the rings we feature were made for an actual client so we don’t publish the price to avoid being indiscreet. Just ask us for exact pricing of any ring you are interested in.

Are lab grown diamonds the same as mined?


They are indeed.

Lab grown diamonds are a more affordable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds and they are chemically and visually identical.

There are good and bad examples of both, not all lab grown diamonds are perfect or high spec.

Both are graded for colour and clarity in the same way as mined diamonds and we only use those graded by the IGI and GIA.

Lab grown diamonds will soon overtake mined diamonds in popularity.

What is your warranty and after sales like?


We believe it’s unique for the industry. Every ring has a lifetime warranty which covers all repairs and servicing. No one else offers this.

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